Michael Capponi’s Road To Entrepreneurial Success

Article Source: http://blog.founderscard.com/2015/02/13/accessing-premier-nightlife-with-inlist-co-founders-michael-capponi-gideon-kimbrell/

With the release of InList, it has never been easier for people to book nightlife events within dozens of cities from across the world. One of the main guys behind this convenient app is Michael Capponi, a dedicated humanitarian and successful entrepreneur with twenty-five years of experience. His extensive work in the entertainment industry, as well as involvement in charity organizations, has helped him make a name for himself.

As a teenager, Capponi (Michael Capponi Local10.com) acquired his first job passing out flyers to potential customers. He eventually worked his way to becoming an entrepreneur, opening two nightclubs within the space of two years. As his career flourished, new technology began to change the industry. He teamed up with fellow entrepreneur Gideon Kimbrell to create an app that would serve as a guide for tourists to find entertainment and nightlife options. This idea would become InList.

As a leading figure in entertainment, he has attended many events and venues, including one of Madonna’s birthday parties. He cites the writings of Noam Wasserman as an influence in some of his business decisions. Aside from his entrepreneurial services, one of his greatest achievements is his work towards his charity for Haiti earthquake survivors in 2010.