InList: The Nightlife App Equivalent Of “Uber”

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InList is a revolutionary new app from a man who understands nightlife. Boasting access to some of the hottest parties in dozens of cities across the world, many have described InList as the Uber of Nightlife Apps. And it makes sense! The app functions in much the same way. Instead of going through conventional channels–like a taxicab–InList allows specific convenience to be had at the user’s fingertips.

michael capponi

Michael Capponi designed InList as a members-only app that can help people find where the hottest action in a given place is immediately. About a year ago, the app launched in Miami to great fanfare. VIPs–over 1500 strong–were throughout the event. People like Jamie Foxx were there, and the band Sonic Butterfly practically blew the crowd away. But that’s the nature of InList. Whether it’s comedian French Accent at some exclusive comedy event in Colorado, or an A-list Chef like Chef Morimoto of Iron Chef, InList is going to deliver. Sometimes exclusive entertainers that haven’t even made their debut on the global stage can be found entertaining at InList events. Really, the possibilities are endless. What is sure is that whatever is going on among the nighttime hot-spots of the most vibrant cities, InList will be in-the-know.